Forgot my Eyowo Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover Eyowo Password and Pin

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Hello Today I’ll be discussing On How I Forgot my Eyowo Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover Eyowo Password and Pin.

Eyowo is a leading digital banking platform in Nigeria that offers services like transfers, bill payments, savings and more. If you use Eyowo, you may occasionally forget your login password or PIN. This guide will explain how to easily reset, change or recover your forgotten Eyowo password and PIN.

Founded in 2018, Eyowo has gained popularity in Nigeria by providing accessible digital financial services to underbanked consumers. The app has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

To access your Eyowo account, you need to login using your registered phone number, password and 4-digit PIN. It’s common to forget login credentials for accounts you don’t use frequently. Thankfully, Eyowo offers simple ways to reset or update your forgotten password and PIN.

Benefits of Resetting Eyowo Password and PIN

  • Regain access to your Eyowo account and features
  • Improved security by changing compromised passwords or PINs
  • Peace of mind knowing you can recover access if needed

When to Reset/Change Eyowo Password and PIN

Here are some situations when you may want to reset or change your Eyowo password and PIN:

  • You forgot or lost your password or PIN
  • Your account security was breached
  • Routinely changing passwords for better security
  • You think someone else accessed your Eyowo account

How to Reset Eyowo Password

Follow these steps to reset your forgotten Eyowo password:

  1. Open the Eyowo app and tap ‘Forgot Password’
  2. Enter your registered phone number and tap ‘Get OTP’
  3. Input the OTP sent to your number via SMS
  4. Create and confirm your new password
  5. Your Eyowo password is now reset – login with the new password

How to Reset Eyowo PIN

To change your 4-digit Eyowo PIN, take these steps:

  1. Login to your Eyowo account with your credentials
  2. Go to your Profile and tap ‘Change PIN’
  3. Enter your current PIN and set a new 4-digit PIN
  4. Confirm your new PIN
  5. Your Eyowo PIN is now changed. Use the new PIN when prompted.

How to Recover Eyowo Password/PIN

If you’ve forgotten both your Eyowo password and PIN, you have two options to recover access:

  • Reset your password first via OTP, then login to change your PIN
  • Or contact Eyowo Customer Care to verify your identity so they can assist you

Tips for Remembering Eyowo Login Details

  • Save your password securely like in a password manager
  • Create an Eyowo PIN you can easily remember or write it down
  • Update your password and PIN periodically for better security
  • Avoid using personal information as login credentials
  • Log in often so you don’t forget your Eyowo details

Reasons You May be Unable to Reset Eyowo Password/PIN

Here are some common reasons you may be unable to reset your Eyowo password or PIN using the steps above:

  • Entering an incorrect registered phone number
  • Not receiving the OTP due to wrong number or network issues
  • Exceeding OTP attempt limits for security reasons
  • Your account is temporarily blocked

If you can’t reset your credentials via the app, contact Eyowo Customer Care for assistance regaining access.

FAQs On How I Forgot my Eyowo Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover Eyowo Password and Pin

Forgot my Eyowo Password and Pin - How to Reset, Change and Recover Eyowo Password and Pin

1. I forgot my Eyowo password, how can I reset it?

Open the Eyowo app, tap ‘Forgot Password’, enter your registered phone number to receive an OTP and reset your password.

2. How do I change my Eyowo PIN?

Log into your Eyowo account, go to your Profile > Change PIN, enter your current PIN and set a new 4-digit PIN.

3. What if I forget both my Eyowo password and PIN?

You can recover access by resetting your password via OTP first and then logging in to change your PIN. Or contact Eyowo Customer Care.

4. Can I reset my Eyowo password without my PIN?

Yes, you can independently reset your Eyowo password without your PIN using the ‘Forgot Password’ option.

5. I’m not getting the Eyowo OTP for password reset. What should I do?

Ensure you entered the correct registered number. Contact Eyowo Customer Care if you still don’t receive the OTP.

6. Is there a limit to how many times I can change my Eyowo PIN?

No, you can reset or change your Eyowo PIN as many times as you need.

7. Can someone else reset my Eyowo password without my approval?

No, only you can initiate an Eyowo password reset with your registered phone number.

8. I think my Eyowo account was compromised. What should I do?

Immediately reset your password and PIN. Review your account activity and contact Eyowo if unauthorized transactions occurred.

9. What details do I need to reset my Eyowo password?

You need access to the phone number registered on your Eyowo account to receive the password reset OTP.

10. How long does it take to reset Eyowo password/PIN?

It only takes a few minutes to reset your Eyowo credentials right in the app.

11. Can I reset my Eyowo login details on web or mobile?

Eyowo password and PIN reset is only available on the Eyowo mobile app currently.

12. Why can’t I login after resetting my Eyowo password successfully?

Ensure you are entering the new password correctly. Your account may be locked after too many failed attempts.

13. What if I exceed the OTP limit on Eyowo password reset?

Contact Eyowo Customer Care to verify your identity so they can help regain access to your account.

14. How can I avoid forgetting my Eyowo login details again?

Save your password securely, set a memorable PIN, update credentials regularly, and log in often.

15. Is the Eyowo password reset process secure?

Yes, Eyowo uses strong security measures like OTP verification to keep your account safe when resetting credentials.

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Resetting, changing or recovering forgotten Eyowo login details like password and PIN can be done quickly through the Eyowo app.

Storing your password properly, choosing an easy to remember PIN, and contacting Customer Care if needed will help ensure you don’t lose access to your important Eyowo account.

After reading this article now you know Forgot my Eyowo Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover Eyowo Password and Pin.

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