How to Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Chipper Cash Account

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Welcome Today we’ll be discussing On How to Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Chipper Cash Account.

Chipper Cash is a popular mobile payment service in Nigeria. But you may eventually want to deactivate or delete your Chipper Cash account. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for closing your account.

Chipper Cash’s Services in Nigeria

Chipper Cash launched in Nigeria in 2019 and enables fast, affordable mobile money transfers within Nigeria and across Africa. Nigerians can easily send and receive funds via the Chipper app.

Key features include no fee transfers, instant settlements, free virtual debit card, and ability to buy cryptocurrency. Chipper Cash processes over $100 million in transfers each month in Nigeria.

When You Might Want to Close Your Chipper Account

Here are some common reasons for closing a Chipper Cash account:

  • You no longer need to send or receive money via Chipper
  • You are consolidating money transfer accounts
  • You want increased privacy and security
  • You had a shared account that’s no longer needed
  • You lost trust or are unsatisfied with Chipper’s services
  • You suspect unauthorized access to your account

How to Temporarily Deactivate Your Chipper Account

If you want to take a break from Chipper while retaining your information, you can temporarily deactivate your account:

  1. Open your Chipper Cash app and go to settings
  2. Find the option to temporarily deactivate your account
  3. Confirm you want to proceed with deactivation
  4. Your Chipper account will now be deactivated

When deactivated:

  • You cannot access or use your Chipper account
  • Your account details are retained for 30 days
  • You can reactivate anytime within 30 days by logging back in

How to Permanently Close Your Chipper Account

How to Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Chipper Cash Account

To permanently delete your Chipper Cash account:

  1. Go to account settings and find the account closure option
  2. Confirm your password and choice to close the account
  3. Your account will be closed within 24 hours
  4. All personal and transaction data is erased permanently

Having Chipper Support Close Your Account

If you can’t access your account, contact Chipper Cash support via in-app chat or email at Provide identifying details and request account closure.

What Happens When Your Chipper Account is Closed

Here is what you can expect when your Chipper Cash account is closed:

  • You immediately lose access to your account and money transfer services
  • Your personal and transaction data is deleted
  • Pending transfers are cancelled
  • Any account balance is forfeited to Chipper Cash
  • You cannot reopen or recover a closed Chipper account

Steps to Take Before Closing Chipper Account

Before closure, be sure to:

  • Withdraw any account balance to your bank
  • Allow pending transfers to complete
  • Save any transaction records you may need

Alternatives to Closing Your Chipper Account

Instead of permanent closure, you could:

  • Temporarily deactivate the account
  • Remove stored payment methods
  • Adjust privacy settings
  • Stop using the account but keep it open

Can You Reopen a Closed Chipper Account?

Unfortunately Chipper Cash accounts cannot be reopened after permanent closure and deletion. The closure is indefinite.

If you change your mind later, you will have to open a brand new Chipper Cash account.

h2>Key Steps to Close a Chipper Account

  • Access account settings and find the “Deactivate” or “Close Account” option
  • Follow the prompts to confirm your selection and provide any requested info
  • Deactivation disables the account temporarily but retains details
  • Permanent closure erases all personal and transaction data from Chipper
  • Withdraw any account balance before initiating closure

FAQS On How to Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Chipper Cash Account

How to Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Chipper Cash Account

Does Closing Chipper Impact Your Credit Score?

No, closing a Chipper account does not directly affect your credit score or report. Chipper does not report account details to credit bureaus.

Can Chipper Close Your Account Without Consent?

Yes, Chipper can terminate accounts anytime for reasons such as long inactivity, policy violations, or suspected fraud.

Is There a Fee to Close a Chipper Account?

No, Chipper Cash does not charge any account closure fees when you voluntarily close your account.

How Long Does Chipper Account Closure Take?

When you request Chipper account closure, it typically takes 1 business day to complete. You will receive a confirmation email when finished.

What If You Have a Balance in Your Chipper Account?

Be sure to withdraw any remaining funds before closing your Chipper Cash account. Any balance left when closed is forfeited to Chipper.

What Happens to Your Transaction History When Closed?

All personal data including transaction history is erased when a Chipper Cash account is closed permanently. Save any records you may need.

Can You Recover a Deleted Chipper Account?

Unfortunately deleted Chipper Cash accounts cannot be recovered. The closure is permanent, so only close if you are entirely certain.

Can You Have Multiple Chipper Accounts?

No, Chipper only allows one account per person as per their terms of use. Having multiple accounts can lead to account termination.

What If You Owe Chipper Money When Closing?

You must repay any debts to Chipper Cash before being allowed to close an account. Failing to do so can incur penalties.

How Do You Know When Chipper Account is Fully Closed?

Once your Chipper Cash account closure is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. Trying to log in will also result in an error, confirming closure.


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Closing your Chipper Cash account is a straightforward process that can be initiated through the mobile app. There are options to temporarily deactivate or permanently delete the account.

Once closed, a Chipper Cash account cannot be reopened – the closure is permanent. All associated data is deleted from their systems.

So carefully consider if permanent closure is right for you vs temporary deactivation. And save any transaction history needed.

Chipper Cash will send an email confirmation when account deactivation or deletion is fully complete. Trying to log in will fail if closure succeeded.

Chipper allows convenient self-service account closure, providing control over your privacy and data. Just weigh your options before permanent deletion.

After reading this article now you know How to Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Chipper Cash Account.

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