How To Start Mini Importation Business From China To Nigeria

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Welcome in this blog we’ll talk about How To Start Mini Importation Business From China To Nigeria.

Bringing in goods from China to resell in Nigeria can make you good money. China makes affordable products that sell well in Africa.

With some research and planning, mini importation from China can become a full-time business.

This article shows everything you need to know to start importing small goods from China to Nigeria.

It covers choosing products, finding suppliers, shipping methods, import duties, and tips for new importers.

Importing goods from China to resell in Nigeria can be a highly lucrative business opportunity. China produces affordable products that are in high demand in Africa.

With the right knowledge, mini importation from China can become a full-time income source.

This guide covers everything you need to start a mini importation business from China to Nigeria, including product research, finding suppliers, shipping and logistics, import duties, FAQs, and tips for new importers.

How Mini Importation From China Works

Mini importation means bringing in products from another country to sell in your own country. Many people in Nigeria import small goods from China to resell here. This lets them make good profits.

Anything that people use daily is imported – hair, bags, shoes, clothes, kitchen items, electronics etc. These affordable goods are bought in bulk from China. Then they are shipped to Nigeria to sell locally.

Importing goods from China that are popular in Nigeria is a smart business. Buyers here like flashy clothes and hairpieces styled like American celebrities. Phones, gadgets and appliances from China also sell quick.

The goods cost less to make in China’s factories. Shipping via sea also keeps transport costs low. Products can be sold locally at nice profits after import duties are paid.

Mini importation requires little startup capital. With small investment, beginners can start small first. They place orders for few items. As profits start coming in, bigger orders are placed. In this way, the business slowly scales up.

This import model is flexible for entrepreneurs. With some knowledge, any serious person can import goods in demand here. If done right, it can become their full time business and income source.

Many young Nigerians now import and resell as it gives them control over the business. Chinese suppliers allow placing small orders so new importers can test products.

Nigeria already has a culture of restoring foreign used goods. People are now realizing importing new goods ready for sale is even more profitable. The market for affordable Chinese products will keep growing in Nigeria.

Getting Started With Mini Importation

Follow these key steps when starting mini importation of Chinese goods to Nigeria:

Pick Products to Import

Look at what products are selling well in Nigeria now. Choose affordable goods that will give you good profit margins. Common imports include clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, home items, electronics etc.

Find Good Suppliers

Search Chinese wholesale sites like Alibaba to connect with manufacturers. Check suppliers carefully before ordering. Ask for samples first.

Calculate Costs and Set Prices

Factor in product cost, shipping fees, import duties, your profit margins. Set good retail prices for Nigerian buyers.

Get Import Documents

Work with a freight forwarder to get invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin etc. needed by Customs.

Arrange Shipping

Choose a shipping line or freight forwarder to transport your goods from China to Lagos or other ports.

Clear and Pay Duties

Your freight forwarder will handle clearing at Nigerian Customs. Import duties vary by products.

Sell and Market Goods

Sell imported goods online via social media, websites, offline shops. Focus on marketing and keeping customers happy.

How To Start Mini Importation Business From China To Nigeria
Mini importation

Benefits of Importing from China

Importing from China to Nigeria has major pluses:

  • Low cost – Cheaper manufacturing and labor costs in China
  • Bulk ordering – Chinese suppliers allow small minimum orders
  • Variety – China makes almost every consumer product
  • Good quality – Chinese factories can produce affordable quality goods
  • Fast production – China’s manufacturing ability means faster order processing

Tips for New Importers

Use these tips when starting mini importation:

  • Start small – Import one or two products first to learn
  • Check suppliers thoroughly before ordering
  • Inspect samples first before approving bulk orders
  • Begin with sea freight – it’s cheaper than air freight
  • Provide detailed specifications to suppliers
  • Hire a sourcing agent or freight forwarder in China
  • Have enough working capital to cover costs upfront
  • Sell locally first then expand nationally
  • Reinvest profits to grow your inventory and product range

FAQs on How To Start Mini Importation Business From China To Nigeria

Here are answered FAQs on How To Start Mini Importation Business From China To Nigeria.

What products should I import from China?

Focus on fast-moving affordable goods like hair, clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, home appliances, electronics, toys etc.

How do I find reliable suppliers in China?

Search supplier sites like Alibaba, DHgate etc. Shortlist options and chat before ordering samples.

What are import duties from China to Nigeria?

Import duties range from 10% to 35% depending on the goods. Your freight forwarder can advise on costs.

What paperwork is needed for China imports?

You need invoices, packing lists, bill of lading, certificates of origin to clear shipments.

How much does shipping cost from China to Nigeria?

Shipping costs depend on mode, weight and size. Sea freight in a 20ft container averages $2000-$4000.

Can I import without traveling to China?

Yes, the entire import process can be done online with a freight forwarder handling logistics.

How long to receive shipments?

Sea shipments take 4-6 weeks approximately. Air freight is about 1-2 weeks.

What are the risks involved?

Risks include non-delivery, customs seizures, damaged goods, supplier issues. Do thorough checks to reduce risks.

How much working capital is ideal for beginners?

Aim for 500,000 to 1 million Naira starting capital as a new importer to cover costs.

Should I start as sole trader or company?

Starting as sole trader is easier first. Switch to an LLC later as business grows for tax benefits.

Is a business plan necessary?

Having a business plan helps target costs, growth etc. But not mandatory to start.

Which is better – sea or air freight?

Sea freight is slower but much cheaper so best for starting. Air is faster but almost twice the cost.

Top 5 Most Profitable Products To Import From China?

Things like kids toys, jewelries, bags, shoes are mostly profitable. Read this blog to find out more.

What mistakes should I avoid?

Avoid not checking suppliers, importing banned goods, underestimating costs and selling prices, and bad record keeping.


Importing small goods from China for resale in Nigeria gives good profits even on a small budget.

Do market research, find reliable suppliers, handle shipping and Customs clearance smoothly, and focus on sales and marketing.

Start small, learn the process, and reinvest profits to steadily grow your mini importation business.

After reading this blog, you now know how To Start Mini Importation Business From China To Nigeria. Here is a blog on how to get money on OPay.

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