Top 10 WhatsApp TV Channels With The Highest Views in Nigeria

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Welcome Today we’ll talk about Top 10 WhatsApp TV Channels With The Highest Views in Nigeria.

WhatsApp has become a powerful platform for content creators in Nigeria to engage wider audiences and drive viral viewership. We review the top 10 WhatsApp TV channels commanding the biggest following and views nationwide.

From just plain text broadcasts, WhatsApp usage in Nigeria has evolved significantly to now include rich multimedia messaging, voice notes, video content and even chat commerce capabilities.

Leveraging WhatsApp immense penetration across Nigeria with over 100 million active users, content publishers are setting up Broadcast Lists to stream entertainment, educational content and advertise products to massive engaged communities.

These WhatsApp TV channels are self-publishing houses creating viral shows enjoyed by millions of viewers. We explore the most popular currently driving highest views and subscriptions.

Factors Driving High WhatsApp TV Views in Nigeria

Below are key factors making WhatsApp TV channels increasingly popular:

  • Ease of publishing and subscribing via links or QR codes
  • Ability to build engaged niche communities via groups
  • Viral sharing of entertaining, informative content
  • Seamless integration with chat commerce for sales
  • Intuitive UI with multimedia experience familiar to youths

Top 10 WhatsApp TV Channels in Nigeria Currently

1. StarQtv

With over 500,000 subscribers, StarQtv broadcasts viral comedy skits, shows and promotes brands through innovative product placement within scenes.

2. WatsOnix TV

WatsOnix TV streams Nollywood movies, Series, music videos and celebrity news to an engaged audience exceeding 300,000 subscribers nationwide.

3. Naija Home & Lifestyle TV

Showcases latest interior design trends, real estate listings and home improvement tips to over 200,000 upscale viewers locally.

4. Africhats

Popular edutainment broadcasts exploring rich African history, contemporary politics and cultural issues to enhance black identity for 100,000 young intellectual subscribers across Nigeria weekly.

5. WaBiiz TV

Youth-focused broadcasts publicizing small business products, services and income opportunities to enable young entrepreneurs and startups affordably access large audiences.

6. Queen Fabulos TV

Top women-centered broadcasts driving conversations around societal issues, privileges and gender-based violence via panels, interviews and shows.

7. Autowaks TV

Updates over 50,000 enthusiasts and mechanics weekly on automotive maintenance tips, reviews of latest car models and spare parts promotion.

8. SportsCentral TV

Delivers live commentary, sporting highlights and banter on European leagues, international tournaments and Nigerian National teams to engaged fans.

9. CryptoBants TV

Simplifies cryptocurrency concepts and guides thousands of rookies on safely navigating volatile markets for profitable trades.

10. JeSuisFoodie TV

Showcases sumptuous continental meals and exotic recipes from professional chefs to inspire tens of thousands of food lovers and aspiring caterers.

Tips for Creating Viral WhatsApp TV Channels

Here are 5 proven ways to produce engaging content that pulls high viewership and subscriptions:

  • Identify niche interests not adequately covered currently
  • Leverage relatable comedic elements and pop culture references
  • Use cliffhangers, run serials to sustain audience curiosity
  • Interact dynamically via polls and contest viewer participation
  • Analyze viewership data to optimize content resonance

FAQs AboutTop 10 WhatsApp TV Channels With The Highest Views in Nigeria


1. How much does it cost to setup WhatsApp TV in Nigeria?

It costs absolutely nothing to setup a WhatsApp TV channel using the Broadcast List feature. However, production budgets vary depending on complexity of envisioned content format.

2. Can anyone create WhatsApp TV shows in Nigeria?

Yes! The multimedia messaging platform is democratizing content publishing by enabling anyone creative channel entertaining or informative content to self-organize audiences.

3. Which access tool drives most TV subscriptions – QR Codes or Links?

While convenient, QR code scans have limitations around proximity unlike links easily shared virally across multiple online platforms to attract subscriptions globally.

4. How much money can WhatsApp TV owners make in Nigeria?

Monetization typically involves sponsored ad placements, product promotions, brand partnerships, licensing content and platform tipping. Income potential depends on viewership but top shows earn millions monthly.

5. Can I stream football matches or music via WhatsApp TV freely?

Live streams may breach copyright rules around unauthorized distribution of licensed multimedia content, attracting takedown risks. However, commentary and curated highlights often constitute fair usage exemptions.

More on Top WhatsApp TV Channels

1. StarQtv

StarQtv has expanded from comedy skits into a multimedia house with HollaTV talk show franchise, StarQ Confidential reality series, Celebrity Face Off dance contest and viral Memes Review.

2. WatsOnix TV

WatsOnix TV has licensed partnerships with top Nollywood studios like EbonyLife Films and Inkblot Productions for exclusive streaming rights to blockbuster releases first.

3. Naija Home & Lifestyle TV

Naija Home & Lifestyle TV has expanded with spinoff channels – Naija Xplora showcasing exotic tourist destinations locally for staycations and Naija Food Diaries promoting restaurants/caterers.

4. Africhats

Africhats has evolved into a Pan-African brand running empowering GenderTalk podcasts, Negro School history explainers and booking thought leaders across Africa to enlarge engagement.

5. WaBiiz TV

WaBiiz TV operates e-commerce store selling recording equipment via channel to budding content creators alongside highlighting small business owners to scalably access nationwide reach affordably.

Additional FAQs

6. How many subscribers do top WhatsApp TV channels average monthly?

Leading broadcast lists average over 100,000 subscribers with some eclipsing 500,000 active viewers monthly as original creators invest heavily in viral social marketing campaigns.

7. Which category of broadcasts have the most advertiser interest currently?

Comedy, lifestyle and reality TV shows attract the most brands interested in customized product placements within scenes to subtly promote goods/services to mass viewership numbers.

8. Can small businesses setup WhatsApp TV on budgets realistically?

Yes! Basic content formats like interviews and product reviews are relatively affordable to produce using just smartphones before acquiring advanced equipment as viewership picks up.

9. Which social media platform drives most traffic to WhatsApp TV channels?

Instagram and TikTok have emerged as the biggest external traffic sources converting audiences into WhatsApp subscribers organically better than even mainstream ads currently.

10. What time do most broadcasts stream new episodes weekly?

Peak viewership days are Thursdays and Sundays when most new episodes premiere typically between 7-10pm as people unwind after work or school commitments.

11. How many people maximum can join one WhatsApp TV group?

Currently WhatsApp caps groups at 512 members maximum. However Broadcast Lists bypass this completely enabling channel owners reach millions of subscribers directly.

12. Which app metric indicates subscriber drop off risk?

Clueful broadcasters monitor average percentage of views per broadcast as dropping rates signal reduced content resonance risking subscriber churn.

13. Can I stream IG live videos simultaneously on WhatsApp TV?

Yes. IG Live crossover plug-ins now exist allowing publishers stream content across FB, YouTube and WhatsApp channels concurrently, maximizing reach.

14. Which broadcaster accepts crypto payments currently?

CryptoBants TV accepts bitcoin tips from global subscribers beyond just naira payments using bundled exchange widgets while educating audiences on digital currency usage.

15. Which network provider has best WhatsApp TV experience?

Mtn has the highest WhatsApp stability metrics enabling lag-free streaming currently while Airtel leads unlimited data bundles facilitating more affordable viewership.

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As smartphone adoption continues rising exponentially across Nigeria, content creators are leveraging WhatsApp TV broadcasts to cost-effectively engage mass viewers, pioneer fresh formats and evolve digital entertainment landscapes with revolutionary zeal.

After reading this article now you know Top 10 WhatsApp TV Channels With The Highest Views in Nigeria.

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